Artist bio

Samantha Patrick is a self taught artist who works primarily with acrylics. She discovered her passion for art later in life than many artists, and now cannot imagine life without painting. What was once a spare bedroom with a clean floor, is now a gloriously splattered studio and she wouldn’t have it any other way!




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

Abstract represention of the human torso showcasing the spine. Literal and figurative. Fluid art background shows the general shape including scapulas. The veins and cells of colour show the multi layered human experience. Blue, green, white, gold, black...ocean, earth, heavens, human sprit, abyss. External armour can crack and corrode...inner strength is key.

How it fits into contest

Figurative armour is the theme of “Backbone”. Figurative external armour may protect us but it can also isolate us. Literal external armour may protect us but is no measure of the person underneath. Inner strength is what prepares us for the battles of life.


Samantha Patrick

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work. Acrylic and metal leaf on canvas. The best way to contact me is via direct message on Instagram @samantha_patrick_art. Alternatively, email, although this is not preferred as sometimes emails go to the spam folder.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I specialise in abstract works and will take direct commissions. I enjoy collaborating with clients to create something just for them that they can cherish. A painting may look good on the easle, but it always looks better on the wall of someone who loves it.

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