Haylee White

Artist bio

Haylee has been working with glass for seven years. She discovered her passion for glass when she signed up for a glass blowing class her first year of college. Haylee then moved to Nebraska in order to attend Hastings College of Fine Arts to further her glass knowledge. She has since has continued to educate herself and others in the art of glass.


"Fighting My Battles"



Artist Statement

I am currently doing a serious of guitars representing different elements in my life. For this guitar, I cut and fused clear glass. I then painted on the surface of the glass with transparent paint. after that was dry, I added a metallic top coat to give it the iridescent look of metal without loosing the transparency of the paint.

How it fits into contest

I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease and found that believing for healing is much harder than one would think. Unfortunately, I am not healthy enough to blow glass currently, which is my main medium of art, so I am teaching myself how to fuse glass. Music has always been another passion of mine so I wanted to include a musical element to this piece because a lot of breakthrough comes through worship. I have also been studying about how God desires us to be whole and complete and lacking nothing, so I have been reminding myself to identify as that, which ties into putting on the full armor of God when I go to battle for my health. For the painting on the surface of the glass, I wanted it to have the subtle appearance of metal and armor but in a joyful way because I know at the end of every battle, joy comes in the morning.


Dylan Spaulding is the professional photographer who I hired to take the picture of my piece.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original glass piece and comes with a clear display stand.
$200 plus shipping
You can contact me at (918) 807-3949
text or call

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

I teach group fusing classes in Tulsa, OK
I can do commissioned glass work as well

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