Artist bio

I am a Visual Artist Instructor, a member of International Sculpture Center. My artworks portray expressions peoples daily life activities


Standing Firm from Spiritual Battles



Artist Statement

The artwork describes different categories of people; on the right side of the painting. They stand firm and each one eager to engage quietly with the word of God through the Bible and the Holy spirit (the bird ) that are in the middle of the painting. The Left side of the painting are the devilish creatures that are defeated and hiding behind the Holy spirit. The lower part of the painting represent raised arms symbolizing people yearning for the gospel.

How it fits into contest

The artwork expresses standing firm with faith against all the spiritual battles.


Kyolaba Josephine

How to Purchase this Artwork

1500 USD . The artwork can be purchased through my email

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Mentoring people with mental and physical disabilities through visual arts(Painting. modelling in clay, mixed media and drawing).

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