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I am a self taught artist who, as a child had speech issues and didn't see conversation as a meaningful way for me to gather information. Gesture and movement were much more pure ways for me to understand a persons intent, plus words lie more easily than gesture...


Modern Messiah



Artist Statement

I saw him today... the one who protects us... seated on the subway
I saw him today. The one who leads us... two tables over at lunch
I saw him today. The one who soothes us... waiting at the dry cleaner
I saw him today. The one who teaches us... in you, me, them, us... all of us, on every corner, in every car, asleep in every bed, down every long road at every coffee shop... every human every where.
I saw us today. hoping, praying to us... we are Modern Messiah.

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Our armor comes from that place that lives in all of us that connects us and appeals to our humanity, our goodness. It's the shared knowledge that life is beautiful and precious. For me that is our real armour, both here and beyond.

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