Artist bio

I’m from South Carolina I’ve been doing art since i was in kindergarten but i started to take it serious when I was in the sixth grade and i also write poetry.


Art of people



Artist Statement

My artwork is kinda weird but it also describes my emotions or my dreams and goals. But also imaginary characters

How it fits into contest

It think sometimes i fought myself i was my own enemy at times but i learned evolve but there are some things i still need to work on as a person.


My friends and the people my most associated with and my family.

How to Purchase this Artwork

- maybe i wanna do cash app but if that doesn’t work ill have to do PayPal or something

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

- would like to have my own art studio when I’m older i wanna every kid to be allowed express themselves within a form of art. And donate some money to homeless shelters or anyone in need

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