Artist bio

Chelsea Garcia is a photographer currently residing in Central Texas. She received a BFA in Photography from Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and has exhibited in various museums and galleries in Texas and New Mexico. When it comes to her artwork, she pulls from personal experiences and presents them as universal. She believes, while the details of our trials are different, empathy unites them.


Ambassador In Chains



Artist Statement

Life can feel, even be, very heavy at times. There are times when we beg God to change our circumstances, and sometimes He does not. Yet, we know that in an instant He can take our pain away. He can change our circumstances. It’s in the times of suffering and never ending battles, that we must continue to seek and reach out to God. Though we may be in chains, submerged in darkness, He is still there shining His light upon us. May we fearlessly declare His goodness even in the hard times.

How it fits into contest

When I was reading Ephesians 6:20, the words “ambassador in chains” struck me visually. I saw this image of an arm in chains, reaching for God.

In the hard times of our lives we gotta keep reaching for God and our faith. Our suffering may be great, but our God is greater. No matter what battles and challenges we face, we must remind ourselves and others, that God is there with us.

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