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I am a 20-year-old freelance, multidisciplinary artist. I was raised in the heart of the forest with no electricity or service. I have been to over 20 different schools throughout my upbringing as a young adult. I aspire to teach art therapy, as well as, providing a different approach to educational systems teaching the youth about mindfulness, mental health, and incorporating group therapies for students to interact providing safety, and support outside their home.


Til Death, Do Art



Artist Statement

Til death, do art. Rebirth in passion and creativity. There came a point in life where I lost myself so deeply to the black hole of fear, sadness, and anxiousness. I reached a point of near-death because the words would not construct to form a sentence and it felt that I couldn't ask for help, the only option was to end my own suffering. Everything was falling apart. There was a sudden shift or ego death that occurred when I was 15 years old and the traumatic events I endured growing up, came back full force. My memories clouded my vision and consumed my everyday experience. Darkness engulfed every aspect of my mind, emotional state, and interaction with others. The illusions seemed forever promising. I came out of that experience mentally stronger than ever. Taking with me throughout my life, the wisdom, the mindfulness, the self-love, and the stories of a thousand battles I have overcome in my life as an early teen. Life, death, rebirth are paradoxically connected through the presence and the response to the present moment.

How it fits into contest

It is the very battle we go through with the half-human aspect of ourselves and the other half, being, which is our existence. The vision with duality in our lives perceives that which is what is good, or bad, light, or dark. It is our own to balance the extremity and the lengths we will go to, to achieve or accomplish our goals. We define our kryptonite and our defeats. In order for one to arrive at an equilibrium state of consciousness, where brain and heart are in perfect union, one must achieve consistency with non-attachment to people, places, and things. Learn to let go of thoughts and outdated behavior patterns that subconsciously serve the present ego. Creation is a balance of destruction, chaos, beauty, compassion, and unconditional love. You only have one purpose. That is to just be. Be here now.


The universe, god, and my willingness to see the greatness in my own essence.

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