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I am Felix Korasare, a 24 year old Ghanaian artist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design. My love for art has enabled me to express my emotions and opinions about life visually. I best communicate through my artistic works, however, it is less appreciated in my part of the continent. This doesn't hinder me since I believe art is a powerful that could cause a change and I strive to help in my own way to bring that change I envision.


THE Telephone Booth


Digital Art

Artist Statement

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.
John 6:63

THE Telephone Booth is a digitally drawn self-portrait of a perpetual response to God's Call. The art piece does not focus on the artist as the subject but rather he uses himself as a medium of comprehensive relation to individuals confronted with spiritual turmoils.
The artwork takes a metaphorical approach to the temptations we face as spiritual beings and how being steadfast in developing our spirituality could put one on a pedestal of righteousness and eternal salvation.
It metaphorically compares every action an individual takes to a phone call. Everything we do, every decision we make is a response to a compulsion or need and even at times out of curiosity just as we respond to phone calls with the intention of receiving feedback be it positive or negative.
This piece explores two main spiritual flaws; lust and pride, the subject faces and how his rediscovery of God blocks the channel to his past life. These flaws are represented by sealed-out telephone booths. God's booth is not just a means of communication but also serves as a windshield and armor from sin and destruction.
Symbolism is expressed here through colors; lust and pride are represented by the colors blue and violet respectively, a cross, representing the Christian faith, and an adinkra symbol (a symbol from the Ghanaian culture)-Gye Nyame" depicting God's omnipotence.
This work of art measures a width of 47.9 inches and a height of 26.4 inches and can be printed out on any desired surface.

How it fits into contest

The artwork shows the importance of diligently seeking the voice of God because it is through His word that we are able to stand up to the wiles of life.
God's word is our whole armor(Ephesians 6: 10-20), hence if we remain steadfast in it we would not be fazed by spiritual storms and tribulations.


Holy Spirit

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I am a digital artist. Contact me on my instagram page @kor.artly

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