Artist bio

My Name is Lobitta. I graduated with my Masters in Social Work from Rutgers University - New Brunswick. I enjoy painting, coloring, and making the images in my head come to life.


To Give or To Take



Artist Statement

In life we are givers and takers, sometimes it’s an even balance, others it’s not. There are two meanings in this painting.
1. Each nail color represents a negative emotion, where people are taking pieces of the heart because their emotions won’t allow them to feel whole, so they take from others who possess the qualities they want.
2. Each nail color represents a positive emotion, where people give back and put their heart together because their emotions are full, and they want to give fullness/wholeness to others.
Each color represents an emotion or state of being:
- Black hands represent strength & pessimism. We all have the strength within us just a matter of unlocking it. However, we all have times of seeing life through a pessimistic lens.
- Brown background represents resilience. No matter how much we give to others we will still bounce back.
- Yellow represents Warmth and Deception.
- Green represents Prosperity and Envy.
- Orange represents Positivity and Superficialness
- Blue represents Peace and Depression
- Red represents Love and Anger. When people are filled with love, they are more than willing to give to others. But, when people are filled with anger, they need others to give them peace, positivity, prosperity, warmth, etc.

How it fits into contest

This artwork relates to Ephesians 6:10-20 because on our spiritual journey and in battle the enemy will continue to try to take from us, and put us in situations where our morals, beliefs, and character are compromised. Leaving us to feel incomplete and deserted. However, with God, we are never incomplete and deserted because he fills us up and makes us whole. When we put on God’s armor, we are standing firm in all strategies of the devil. This is when we go to God and sit at his feet for guidance and strength. God then gives us all that we need to stand strong in the battle not of the flesh and blood but of the spirit. This artwork has two meanings, 1.) shows the enemy putting Deception, Envy, Superficialness, Depression, and Anger on us, which leads to a disconnection from God. 2.) shows God giving us Warmth, Prosperity, Positivity, Peace, and Love adding to our spirit and making us strong enough to withstand.


I would like to recognize My mom and sister, Jessica. You both have seen potential in my artwork before I could see it.

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