Artist bio

Yijun received her MFA in painting from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. Her work included multiple galleries across the U.S, such as Hilliard gallery, Kansas, Blackhawk gallery, Danville, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Luisianna, Ocean Shore Gallery, Sealttle, Fe Gallery, Sacramento. Also, her works has been featured in art magazines in 2021, and won the first place award during art competition. At the same year, Featured Muralist " Mural Artist Takes a Stand on Violence against Asians." Asian American Press. And she is actively creating commissions for private and public companies. Currently, she is teaching workshops at the International Art Museum of American in San Francisco.





Artist Statement

Yin and Yang is the basis of my visual language, representing passion and calmness. The contrast creates balance and tension, often represented through warm and cool colors. High color contrast is intriguing and is visually more pleasing than low contrast. Dreams are the inspiration for my art. The elements that show up in my dreams such as spiders, sailboats, cats, and dragons help to create a painting’s theme. They are a unique symbolic language representing larger concepts.
I begin by sketching and move on to under-painting, and at that point I am open to new ideas jumping into my mind. The process always leads to new explorations and discoveries. I explore different substrate including wood panels and canvas. Oil paint is my medium of choice, allowing flexibility and depth of color. I fill in under-paintings with big brushes, and then refine it by adding multiple layers of paint. If I stare at the piece for 20 minutes without wanting to clarify anything, then I know it’s done.

How it fits into contest

The piece was created during the pandemic in 2020, when everything shuts down. And people are frustrated about the current social problems. This one is called Enlightenment, meaning the awakening of the soul and your higher self. Pandemic could be seen as both good or bad and it’s up to you to decide how you would feel about it whether fear or hope. What I want to deliver a message through this piece to the public is that no matter how bad the situation might seem, there is always hope and light. If you can pay attention to the good side, you will find even more to come to you. Peace and love is the ultimate goal in life.


My grandma and the rest of my family. She past way during pandemic, and that piece I created is a memory and to mourn for my grandma.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This piece exhibits at a non-profit organization at Blackhawk Gallery, Danville. Please go to purchase at the gallery.

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Run a social media contest maybe. Sorry the next question" how to inquire about them" is not clear to me. I don't know how to answer it. If you can explain to me, please. Thank you.

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