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Graduate from the “Oscar Fernández Morera” Fine Arts Professional Academy in Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, 1998, in the specialities of Painting, Drawing and Design. He has participated in several Fine Arts exhibitions in Cuba and other countries. His paintings are part of private collections in US, France, Belgic, Denmark, Germany and Honduras, so as in different institutions in Cuba.


Oración (prayer)


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The expression of ideas, principles, values, life style and spirituality, have been and will always be inherent to the existence of mankind. So, it is in writing where a common genesis can be more precisely perceived, regardless of the great ethnologic differences among men. The use of ideograms, alphabets, abjads, syllabaries, alphasyllabaries and other symbols in the common space of my work, invites to the consideration on the possible conceptual, sonority and expression similarities, in the quest for an original language that conceptually connects us all as individuals. It´s an exercise on the form of the language and on the language per se; an analysis of our ancestral connection and the manifestations of such bond in my very own social reality. I am an heir of each historic branch of writing; of the graphic idea of each sound (a work of art itself), its uses and concepts. I am, therefore, a debtor: a voice that, from the everyday chores, invites not to a passive contemplation, but to the persistence in looking, in this path of regresses, for an indication that lead us into the future; for a purpose.

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La batalla espiritual que libramos requiere armas espirituales. No poseemos facultades inherentes que nos capaciten para tal lucha. Busco reflexionar en mi trabajo respecto a las batallas diarias que en nuestro dia a dia enfrsntamos de la mano de aquel que nos dijo:" no te dejaré, ni te desamparare".


Solo agradezco a ustedes, el equipo de Engage art por la oportunidad que representa para nosotros como creadores y "cartas leidas al mundo"

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Mi trabajo lo desarrollo en Cuba. Soy miembro de la Iglesia Adventista de mi comunidad y trabajamos en todo campo posible para que avance la causa del evangelio en tanto procuro el sosten de mi familia.

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