Courtney Huff

Artist bio

My name is Courtney and I am a 26 year old portrait photographer from Quincy, IL! I am self taught and working towards growing my business into a full blown career! I started as a hobbyist and now and striving to make photography my main career and source of income. I love photography so much and have always held this passion thanks to my Mother also sharing in the same. It has been such an amazing journey and I cannot wait to see where this goes!


My anxiety



Artist Statement

I tired to depict my personal struggle with anxiety here. I used the tub and water to depict feeling like drowning in your own dark thoughts (represented by the black cloth) and the fact that you almost feel as if you’re sinking below the weight of it all even when you’re so close to the surface of being ok. It also feels as if you cannot breathe and need to scream silently as it is all an eternal battle within oneself. The dark colors were picked to emphasize the darkness that surrounds your whole body and mind in so many ways.

How it fits into contest

Anxiety and struggles among the demons we all carry within ourselves on a day to day basis


Courtney Huff

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