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Artist bio

My name is Elder Herrera, i am 25 years old, single and very fascinated with the world of arts, i personally love experiment new art ideas. Lately i have been very interested in graphic design. I am the oldest of all my brothers and sisters. I have about 3 years i gave my life to Christ and has been the best decision ever! Through my design "The Battle" i am expressing the struggles i have faced in life as a Christian and not only me but many Christians around the world.


The Battle



Artist Statement

This name of this piece of art is "The Battle"

Every Christian faces a battle everyday, so I spent days after days how to put all the pieces together, to create a piece of art that reflect the battle between the Sons of God and the the devil's powers. So one evening I got enlighten by God and my imagination just poured out.
Every detail in my art work has a meaning behind it, starting from the soldier of God, we are soldiers of God. A soldier most be fully protected at all times so that he doesn't easily get destroyed in battle. So God gave us an armor to wear every day, so that we cannot be deceive, manipulated or destroyed by Satan. That armor we can find it in Ephesians 6"10-20. The soldier is illuminated by a light because we as Christians are the light of the world, we as Christians should shine brighter in the darkness.

As you can see their is a hand with strings that manipulate different characters and that hand is Satan's hand. You can see that Satan's hand is coming out of the darkness but his hand seems not evil. The reason for that is, that the Bible says, that Satan disguise himself like angel of light. Satan can show himself as light but if you can see the strings that manipulate people, carries a purple venom that is being injected into his puppets. Satan is good at manipulating people is his own and convenience weak souls to attack the lives of the Christians.

The live of a Christian is being daily attacked by arrows of many temptations, problems, gambles, lust, social media, politics, false preachers, drunkenness, drugs, different attitudes, money and the list goes on. But we can over come all this wicked darts that the devil is throwing at us, by wearing our full armor of God.

How it fits into contest

This art work fits perfectly into the contest topic because it is showing a soldier of God being fully protected by the armor of God. He is being bombarded by the arrows of the wicked. We as Christian every day, we have struggles, as we get up, we are being tempted by the different temptation the enemy try to put in our life's. So we are constantly on war against the power of the darkness which is being manipulated by Satan. To extinguish the flaming arrows we must put the full armor of God.


I did this work of art on my own

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work
Can be bought for $150.00 USD
Can contact me through my email:

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