Wendy Lu

Artist bio

Wendy Lu is a Hard of Hearing, Taiwan-born, Toronto-based multimedia artist, who graduated with Specialized Honours from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. Wendy lost her hearing as an infant due to meningitis-related fever, and throughout her life, she has undergone left-brain surgery, as well as three cochlear implant surgeries. Her severe-to-profound bilateral hearing loss affects both ears, and her cochlear implant technology affects her hearing and speech. Her visualizations attempt to depict analogues of perceptual difference involving drop-outs, disconnects and scrambling artifacts, based on her lived experience aurally negotiating and interpolating in communications with others.


Love is Louder



Artist Statement

I did all of my acrylic paintings on canvases by myself.

How it fits into contest

My original artworks show God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit. I use God’s Word, pray to the Lord and worship Him. Victory in Jesus Chris to resist Satan and evil power in spiritual warfare. I cannot do anything without God. Nothing is impossible with God!


Wendy Lu

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Here are all of my original artworks for sale

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