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Kurt Caddy is the campus pastor at a private christian university in SW Missouri. He is also a practicing visual artist. As an abstract photographer, Caddy seeks out the broken and neglected spaces and transforms theses images into beautiful and inspiring art. As a contemporary artist he makes many of his own paints from local sandstone, minerals, and even ashes to capture deep spiritual truths. He calls these pieces “visual theology”. He created sacred art for sacred people and spaces.


He Fights for Us!



Artist Statement

He Fights For Us is a triptych. It was created as a Lent Meditation. Every three weeks a painting was revealed.
Ashes to Ashes (48”x48”) is a visual lament created with actual ashes.
The sacrifice element (48”x48”) features deep crimson hues on a deeply distressed polystyrene support. Some of the “scars” are filled in with gold leaf paint
The resurrection element was released on Easter Sunday. It features gold leaf and a variety of golden hues
This piece and another similar piece with the same three elements and the same size were display in a local church sanctuary through the season of Lent. Although unable to be seen in person by the congregation due to quarantine, the pieces were prominently featured in the virtual services. They inspired and encouraged the believers

How it fits into contest

Our recognition of the state of our world and our lives is acknowledged in the process of lament. This piece is often neglected in our lives.
The death and resurrection of Christ is the ultimate victory of sin and death. The identification of our lives with the death and resurrection as stated in Romans 6 is the basis of our spiritual victory. Truly, He fights for us.


Kurt Caddy visual artist
Instagram @fourwindsfineart

How to Purchase this Artwork

He Fights for Us
An original art work
Acrylic, ashes, local earth pigments, bitumen asphalt, and gold leaf on distressed polystyrene
Asking price: $1000.00
Message through Instagram

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Sacred art for Sacred people and spaces. Individual and church commissions are welcomed.
I also speak on the topics of faith and the art. Speaking engagements combined with workshops are available.
I also host Kintsugi workshops. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery

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