Hank Hobby

Artist bio

Hank Hobby has a comic book series entitled 'Ruwans' published by Keenspot Entertainment, two children's picture books entitled 'Where You Belong' published by MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing & 'Paper Wings' published by Native Ink Press, an illustration entitled 'Profit Over People' published in Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, A Raven Chronicles Anthology, and he was a top 10 finalist for Wingless Dreamer's 2020 Best Illustrator Award with two cartoons published in their 'Art from Heart' collection.


Hermit of Torment



Artist Statement

I would like the work to speak for itself.

How it fits into contest

My work is a visual representation of the torment one can experience from all sides in this life. A pain of this world and not of this world. A struggle against forces of this realm and those of realms we cannot comprehend. But I believe if we stand firm in our faith, we can overcome and we can endure.


Hank Hobby

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