Artist bio

I am an artist who works with multiple mediums and currently lives in North Carolina. California born, Ohio raised.


Window to all that is Bright


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Strength from God is not just physical armor, but armor of the mind and of your peace. The war raging in everyone is different, but in me the war is with my happiness and confidence. The comfort and confidence of God gives allows me to escape the dreary days and the demons that prey on my weaknesses. It is a light in a sea of darkness, which shows the beauty of the world and the happiness and sunshine that exists and brings me back into God's strength within my mind and soul. This work was created digitally using a combination of editing and photographs. The photographs were taken during the loneliest part of my life- the pandemic. I never felt so alone, and found myself diving deep for strength and looking to God and hope for comfort. When the demons of life got to me the most, I would venture into nature and remember that this world given to us is beautiful and God is always there, even when alone.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6:10-20 talks of strength and armor that God grants us. When we put on the full armor of God so that we can take stand against the Devil's schemes, we aren't speaking of the physical world so much as the mental. Our souls and minds are where the evil hurts us. Happiness comes from within, and someone who doesn't feel secure in themself or who has no protection against the evil in the world can't see the true light and beauty in the world. That is why I have created a solid black foreground with a cross opening a world of brightness and beauty.



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