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Mexican producer, director and screenwriter with over 10 shortfilms, TV spots and feature films. I am a film-entrepreneur and general manager of "Vida de Pelicula"- a platform created to bring the best knowledge and wisdom of films to everyone's lives because I believe that "people inspire films, and films inspire people". Viridiana Meléndez: Actress, writer, entrepreneur. She has accomplished major achievements on the field of theatre and has worked on several shortfilms, and soap operas. José Alfonso Meléndez Y Villa: Doctor and wonderful father of 3. Recently found his talent as an actor and staff member. Blanca Sánchez Marín: Doctor, housewife and wonderful mother of 3. She has participated in several shortfilms and independent theatre productions.



Artist Statement

"Vigilant" is a piece of work that grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Creating the atmosphere and characters depicting a battle that "is not of the flesh" was a challenging task. I chose to film in b/w for many reasons, but most importantly because it represents two opposites- as in the spiritual battle- and because of the dramatic effect it brings to the whole film, specially to the character of 'the man'. My creation process was influenced by the horror genre appealing to common fears and vulnerabilities, and also by the look & feel of comics bringing a dark & unbelievable ambiance to the whole product.

How it fits into contest

VIGILANT shows the powers of the spiritual forces of evil in their battle against faith and prayers through the Word of God. Seen from the evil's POV, we learn how to stand firm against evil forces knowing they will never surrender but also will never succeed as long as we stay alert and vigilant.


Writer/Director/Postproduction: Alfonso Meléndez Sánchez Producers: J. Alfonso Meléndez Y Villa, Blanca Sánchez Marín Cast: J. Alfonso Meléndez Y Villa, Viriyi Music: Music & Sound FX:

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Only Digital Copy available. Send your request directly to: Includes a copy of the director's comments and behind-the-scenes pictures.

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a. Your Life trailer: A 5-30 sec. profile video ideal for social media, birthdays, and/or any special moments. b. Your life Poster: A movie poster based on your life from a movie you love

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