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I am a photographer, love Nature and people in their daily life or environment. What I'm most passionate about photography is the ability to look and observe differently. To create your own vision of something that others do not see or go unnoticed. Use light as a means of writing and create spaces that others do not see. With photography you live your own world, your own vision, a unique and different reality. You learn to look uniquely.


Fighting the battle



Artist Statement

This photo was taken in Costa Rica, in the "March for Jesus" march for life. This lady met this indigent in the crowd and approached him and said she wanted to pray for him. The man began to cry. I was right there at the right time. Street photo is what I love the most.

How it fits into contest

Daily life is a battle, and we all wage it in different ways. The weapons and armor they have given us are for that fight. The real world is a battlefield and you come out with the right tools to win that battle. We go out to fight and to save and help the fallen. Prayer, an indispensable weapon to fight and walk through life. We go out and live the life God whants us to live and help anyone in need. This image shows that, the very action for which we have been called, to help our neighbor, lift him up, heal his wounds because they do not have the armor that God gives us.


Andrea Díaz-Perezache

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Original, Digital Photography.

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