Artist bio

My name is Cristian Vargas. I am a young man who, due to my love for cinema, began to take my first steps to become a filmmaker. I live in San José, Costa Rica. This Project inspired our family to work on this audiovisual work, with the aim of wanting to bring people closer to God in a different way. This project is special because in its entirety it was carried out by members of my family, from the script, the production, direction, art direction, creation of the armor, costumes, props, recording, Post Prodcción visual effects, and even musicalization and sound effects, it was a great adventure and united us to work with a very beautiful purpose.


Fallen Knights



Artist Statement

Recording this short film took us to the Irazú volcano, in a climate that was not only cold but also rainy, further complicating the recording. Not to mention that the emergency by Covid-19 stopped us for a long time. To the point of delivering it within a few hours for the entries to finish. But it was worth it, it was a great adventure and we hope it will be a blessing for all who see it

How it fits into contest

This short film takes us to explore two worlds that connect with each other, The Natural and the spiritual world. With the problems and trials that we face every day, we are in need of resorting to the spiritual world, to fight a battle against the evils that overwhelm us, using prayer and the Powerful Word of God as a resource and guide.


Directors: Cristian Vargas Azofeifa & Christian Vargas Q
Writter: Cristian Vargas Azofeifa
Producer: Alison Alvarado, Efraín Vargas, Christian Vargas Q, Cristian Vargas
Lead Cast: Yeremy Vargas (Knight)
Supporting Cast: Abraham Bonilla (Evil)
Editor: Christian Vargas Q, Cristian Vargas A
Costume Designer: Ingrid Azofeifa
Music: Stock

Transcript / Lyrics


In a world of a fallen kingdom, defeated knights rise up.
Taking strengths from the words of their lord.
With their feet renewed with firmness, readiness and determined.
They will stamp out evil.
And with the truth by their waist, on a dark day, they will stand against the darkness.
Courageous knights, with just hearts.
They've been given a priceless gift.
With strong minds and souls, They will overcome any obstacle they meet.
With one act of faith, the obstacle... vanishes
But when your trust is put to the test, the options, shrink to only one.
Believe... or die.
Bruises and wounds will become a symbol of bravery.
But being strong, is not a word written in vain.
But when faith, determination, justice and braveness prevail over everything else. The defeated ones will triumph.
And always, the fallen Knights must rise up, And fight, With the strength conferred by the words of their Lord.


En un mundo de un reino caído, los caballeros derrotados se levantan. Tomando fuerzas de las palabras de su señor.
Con sus pies renovados con firmeza, disposición y determinación, Acabarán con el mal.
Y con la verdad por la cintura, en el día oscuro, se enfrentarán a la oscuridad.

Caballeros valientes, con corazones justos. Se les ha dado un regalo invaluable.
Con mentes y almas fuertes, superarán cualquier obstáculo que encuentren.
Con un acto de fe, el obstáculo... se desvanece.
Pero cuando su confianza es puesta a prueba, las opciones se reducen a una sola, cree... o muere.
Contusiones y heridas se convertirán en un símbolo de valentía.
Pero ser fuerte, no es una palabra escrita en vano.
Cuando la fe, la determinación, la justicia y la valentía prevalecen sobre todo lo demás, Los vencidos triunfarán.
Y siempre, los vencidos deben levantarse y luchar, Con la fuerza conferida por las palabras de su Señor.

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