Artist bio

My name is Monica Harrison. I'm a spoken word artist born in The Lowcountry, SC, now residing in Charlotte NC. I started writing poetry at a young age but began the spoken word ministry around 2014. I've performed on numerous stages on the east coast, committed to sharing Jesus through poetry and storytelling. Spoken Word Artist - Monica Harrison Supporting Cast- Diamond Harrison and Aimee Harrison Producer/Videographer - Antonio Harrison


War Clothes


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This short video is a call to remember there is a war going on. My spoken word work is usually a minimum of 3 minutes but i believe this short is straight to the point and understandable.

How it fits into contest

This short video is a call to remember there is a war going on. But it's not a physical's a spiritual war and for a spiritual war you have to use spiritual weapons. My desire was to capture every piece of the armour described in Eph. 6 without actually calling them by name.


The epic war music in the background is used with permission from NCM Epic Music Ender Guney

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