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I am a filmmaker from Charlotte, North Carolina. I've been making films for about six years and have a bachelor of arts degree in filmmaking from The Art Institute of Charlotte. I work in all areas of production and have worked on numerous shorts and two features. Andrew Huggins - Andrew is a filmmaker from Charlotte, North Carolina. He's been making films for about six years and is always learning and growing in regards to the craft. He graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte in 2013. Patience Jonai - Patience has acted in various theater productions and loves to perform. She's seven years old, and Armor was her first film production. Karen Abercrombie - Karen has been acting since the nineties and has appeared in dozens of films and television projects. She consistently honors the Lord with her characters and is currently in production on a feature that she wrote, stars in, and is directing called Just Grace. Kiefer Andrew - Kiefer graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte in 2014 and is constantly working on film and video projects around the country. Armor is the last project he worked on before moving to Los Angeles. Justin Stewart - Justin has worked in the film industry for two years and has quickly built a strong resume of narrative and freelance film projects. Deemed the Swiss Army Knife of crew members, he specializes in just about every department on set.





Artist Statement

"Armor" provided me with an opportunity to revisit the book of Ephesians and conceptualize a piece around one of the most powerful passages of scripture in the New Testament. We made this film from the perspective of a child in hopes that viewers of all ages could relate to the themes of Ephesians 6: 10-20. I work within the film industry, and it's become quite rare that I encounter work from a faith based perspective. It's been two years since I made a faith based film, and creating this reintroduced the spirituality of making something from the Bible at a much needed time in my life.

How it fits into contest

This film is a spiritual interpretation of the Bible verses, showing fear and sin overcome by faith in the Holy Spirit. A child uses the Armor of God to overcome fear and temptation. My hope is that this will speak to adults and children of all ages as an inspirational piece that depicts faith as an emotional and powerful took in one's arsenal.


Patience Jonai - Lead Actress - Patience was the first to submit for this role, and I'm extremely thankful to her and her mother Shaguana Hunt for wanting to be involved. It's rare that you cast from the first submission, but Patience, at only seven years old, has extensive theater experience and was a joy to work with.

Karen Abercrombie - Voiceover - I worked with Karen on our short film Remnant of Hope two years ago. She consistently blows you away, take after take, with her wide range and dynamic delivery. She played Clara Williams in the film War Room, and has devoted her career to serving God. Casting her for the voiceover material in this film was an easy choice, and working with her again was a highlight for me.

Kiefer Andrew - Kiefer is a stunning cinematographer, with whom I've collaborated many times. We connect with each other effortlessly, and working with him on this project was an absolute pleasure. He operated the camera and was instrumental in producing the images needed to create this piece.

Justin Stewart - Justin has become a staple on my film sets and worked intensely to assist Kiefer in executing the images in the film. He's a great cinematographer, but limiting him to one department would be a disservice to his work ethic and professionalism.

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