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Taylor J. Irizarry. I have been filming and editing since I was 10 years old. I have been doing short films since 2013 for my church and community. I am an independent film maker in Columbia, South Carolina. Sabri Irizarry is an actress, writer and production designer from Columbia, SC. She is best known for her work on Inclement Films projects such as The Stones of Okella (2015) and Strange Town (2016). Her other notable works include Choices (2018), Loophole (2017), Faith's Song (2017) and Pilgrims (2016). Man-E Kerr is an actor and writer, known for Death by Chocolate (2017), Midnight Snack (2017), Strange Town (2016) and The Stones of Okella (2015). He has been reviewing films on his YouTube channel since 2017.


Shadow Stalker



Artist Statement

(Plot synopsis) To retrieve what was taken from him, a man must face a nightmarish creature in a forbidden woodland.

How it fits into contest

Our inspiration for this film was Ephesians 6:13b "and after you have done all, STAND firm." Everyone feels fear. When we face our fears in God's strength...we realize they are powerless to defeat us.


Directed/Cinematography/Editing/Sound Design by
Taylor J. Irizarry

Produced by
Ally Irizarry

Story by
Man-E Kerr

Screenplay by
Sabri Irizarry

Man-E Kerr
Jayleigh Luke
Ethan Irizarry

Costume & Production Design
Sabri Irizarry

Noah Rogers
Jerrod Edwards
Devyn Damsen
Aslan Irizarry

Kathy Willis

Stunt Supervisor
EJ Irizarry

Production Assistant
Robert Luke

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