Artist bio

I am a 30 year old filmaker and creative from Asheville, NC but living in Morehead City. I've spent over 10 years in many parts of the creative industry from film to music, abstract art and between.


Dressed In Hope


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

Spoken word with visuals. I wrote the piece and my wife spoke it. The visuals are are actually compiled from footage I've shot over the years (save two elements that I personally didn't film but I own the rights to).

How it fits into contest

Showing the dark but bringing hope with the light. Really playing off of the thought that when we put on the armor of God it actually brings us hope in the battle. We know then that we are armed and protected so we can hope in that.


Chris Pruett - Director, Editor, Writer, DP
Ami Pruett - VO
Jacob Sutton - AC

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