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Born Sherika Harris in Kingston, Jamaica in 1984. Her early influence in music spans various genres including reggae, classical music and rock. She embarks on her journey with a new genre she calls JamRock which fuses the eclectic Jamaican sounds with other genres. Her first single “What You Say” was released in 2016 with great reviews embracing her beautiful voice and unique music style. She followed up with “Lost Thing” in 2018, a soulful Rock sound that is equally aurally inspiring. The name Nubian represents the strength and Nomadic spirit of the Nubian people that is reincarnated in the Jamaican Maroons from which Nubian Red descends. The Red is a symbol of the blood that connects humanity; we all run RED. Nubian Red looks to the future positively while spreading a message of Love and Light (enlightenment) through her music and the Nubian Red Philosophy.


What You Say

Artist Statement

The music of Nubian Red is engrained in her philosophy of Love and Enlightenment. "What You Say" reflect that love and enlightenment as the song addresses the topic of truth. We have been deceived by many who call themselves leaders or righteous with lies but we can decipher what the truth is as actions speak louder than words.

The music video begins with the notation that "we are governed by the laws of nature" a law that simply cannot be changed or amended like "the rules of men". It goes on to illustrate the lies that have been told by "world leaders including the discovery of the New World, lands inhabited by Tainos, Arawaks and other Indigenous peoples.

The lies are blatant and yet the "leadership" insist that it is the truth followed up with their cruel and destructive actions. The enslavement of the millions and Africans was at one point "legal", the dropping of an atomic bomb in Japan was necessary to end the war, the colonization of Africa was to bring civilization to savage people and the bombing of the World Trade Centre was orchestrated by Islamic terrorists. The lies are endless but the truth is ever so revealing.

So those of us who know the truth stand in the truth as "Really it don't matter what you say"

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6:10-20 speaks about standing up for what is right against all evil; evil that deceives with lies, evil that embodies the destruction of all that is good, and an evil that is poison to the spirit. It also emphasises that the choice to be good require a different strength because the enemy will rise against you in flesh and in spirit.

What You Say is a spiritual battle song that lets the so-called leaders governing for the spirit of evil know that we know the truth. "What You Say" don't matter the truth is clear, those who know the truth live in the truth and enlighten others, we pray for strength and will not back down from the face of evil from any corner.

God is good and Good is a reflection of God, so those who walk in the righteousness knows of the battle they will face for doing good. The task requires a steadfast spirit that holds on to truth and a will to do the good.


Atai Lee - Songwriter
Sherika Harris - Songwriter
Atai Lee - Music Composer
Stephen Maxwell - Music Composer
Background Vocals - Daedrian Mardener, Gavin Hart

Kevin Lee - Video Director, Video Editor
Kirk Lee - Jib Operator, Steadi-Cam Operator
Kemar Walker - Grip & Assitant Camera Operator
Drone Operator: Oniel Harris
Costume - Sherika Harris
Makeup - Trudy-Ann Mulgrave

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Transcript / Lyrics

Nubian Red - What You Say (Written by Atai Lee & Sherika Harris - 2014)

Talking, Talking

Verse one
I hear you talking
Shouting it out loud
Talking bout the great things that you done
You got your big screen television
Your radio too
You can hook me up on facebook or youtube
Hear you talking bout if I buy a burger with extra fries
I get double soda, candy on the side

You say what you say x8

Verse 2
Oh, tell me what is beautiful
I want to know
Can you take it, break it, and reshape it
Then forsake it, live without it? No,
Where’s the answer?
It’s above you and all around you
On and on and on,
Really it don't matter what you say

You say what you say x8

Oh, Yeah, Yeah
You keep on talking at me
You keep on talking x3
I can't hear a word you say

What You Say x12

Really it don't matter what you say

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