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My name is Joselyn Ellington. I am a multimedia content creater and I enjoy creating artwork that is full of life, color, spirit, and sound. I have a passion for writing music and creating hip-hop music videos. I enjoy capturing moments of action in video art and assembling them into lively stories. I have a background in theatre and photography, and five years of experience in news reporting/journalism. I love music. It is a form of therapy. It has helped me get through a lot of hard times. I love God. I was born in St. Louis, Missouri and currently reside in South Bend, Indiana.




Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

I wrote this song about two years ago. When I saw an advertisement on social media late last year I noticed that the scripture fit perfectly with my song lyrics. I make a variety of music and this is different than anything I have ever made. I began piecing the video together in April. I met a friend named Baily who has a drone. I told him I was going to enter my song into a music video competition and asked if he would like to shoot some footage for me with his drone. He was happy too do so. I wanted to get some footage of the spiritual landmarks at the University of Notre Dame, which is walking distance from my home. The "Golden Dome" shows Jesus. Jesus is the one who came to save us and give us life. It fits perfectly.

While we were shooting the scenes my friend Baily's drone fell out of the sky and cracked. We were lucky to drive around campus and find it and get the SD card out, however his camera is ruined. I felt terrible. I gave him only 100 dollars even though it wasn't my fault and if I win I am going to help him replace it.

The following day when I was shooting a scene in my living room with my brand new 50 mm lens that I had just received from amazon, my friend dropped my camera and my lens cracked. It kind of spooked me that two days in a row camera's had broken while working on this video. I told a friend of mine who told me that "maybe that's a sign that you should not shoot the video." I did not believe it was a sign not to shoot it, but I told Baily that we have to look at it like this: Thomas Edison did not become successful until after 1,100 failed attempts at inventing the lightbulb. It id not mean he failed, it meant it took 1,100 steps for his invention to become successful. That cheered him up a little, and it cheered me up to. I was really discouraged. Then I realized that amazon would replace my lens for free. I sent it in and got a replacement a couple weeks later.

There is a scene of three crosses in the video. That landmark is in St. Joseph, Michigan. My grandmother was residing in Hanson Hospice House just a block away. I stayed with her for ten days. I live in South Bend. She was ill. Every day she ate more and more, and we talked. She wasn't talking when I first came to check on her at home, which is when my uncle called an ambulance. She wasn't herself. I checked on here frequently driving back and forth from Indiana. It's only a half hour drive. I love her a lot.

Long story short, my grandmother passed away April 21, 2020. One of our moments we shared at the hospice house was her asking me how it felt to not be normal? She asked me that. 🙂

I said, I try to be normal but it doesn't work. I don't know why I'm not normal. She said, "It's inherited. Are you glad you're not normal? Do you thank God?"

I replied, "Yes." Even though I'm not sure I meant it.

She said, "That's good."

Then she said, "I'm not normal either."

I replied, "That's good." She gently corrected me and said, "That's great. But you're greater than me!"

So bad I wish my siblings could have came and shared some of those moments and heard her final words. I wanted someone else to share the power she was giving me. I had read in the scripture a bible verse that said, (I believe it was Elijah, sorry I could be wrong) Elijah wanted a double portion of someones spirit after they passed away and that's all they wanted. I made sure to stay by my grandmas side every moment I could. I watched her take her final breath and I watched her tongue go to the back of her throat as she had a final gasp. I do feel her spirit with me and my mother let me be the one to keep her ashes.

When I shot the scene in my living room with the black backdrop, my grandmother had died about a week before. I was not in a very good spirit but I was content. I was a bit overwhelmed from everything, but I managed to pull through. I have also battled with health issues that were triggered by stress. I have been back healthy for a couple of weeks now.

I am very happy to complete this music video. I am very happy to do the Lord's work and I hope it can make many people feel empowered and inspired.

How it fits into contest

The landmarks in this video represent the holy trinity, The "Golden Dome" and the crosses. I chose glow in the dark swords to represent the sword of the spirit Ephesians 6:17. I believe the entire scripture Ephesians 6: 10-20 is represented well throughout this video and throughout the lyrics of the song. I realized after shooting the glow in the dark scenes that they represented the "flaming arrows of the evil one" verse 16. There is also a shield in the video and I purchased a corset from amazon with purple (for royalty) color to represent my armour of protection. I am suited and ready for the battle against the rulers, the authorities, and the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. verse: 12
The serpent on the cup represents this verse as well, for Adam and Eve were enticed by a serpent. The serpent represents the ruler of this world whom the Lord has already defeated.


Bailey Small of Dji Spark of Northern Indiana shot all of the drone scenes
Peeper Lottie of Peeps Visions shot a scene for me on the black backdrop in my corset.

Cho 1. of Ground Up Studios engineered my vocals.

Benji Hardy created the music instrumental for the song.

(Myself) Joselyn Ellington aka Skyje wrote the song, recorded, directed, and edited the video.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This song is a part of my debut album Melody #HipHopSoul released in 2018 in hard copy only. It will be available on Amazon in the next week as well as on YouTube under Skyje Music.

Transcript / Lyrics

By Joselyn Ellington


Came so that you may have life came to protect you
Can't do it all on your own, No, It'll wreck you
Put on your armour
Put on your armour

Verse 1

It's a situation, gotta face it, no more wasting time
Vengeance will be mine says the Lord
Double edged sword
His love is galore
Feel it in my... Pores

Freedom will be yours says the Lord
7414 King David
Dancing all around like you're famous
Like a banquet, Soar

Set the table, put your apron on
Father, spirit, son
His will will be done
Til there is no sun
And it's leaking blood from the... Moon

They say we all doomed
Guess you gotta repent... Soon


Came so that you may have life came to protect you
Can't do it all on your own, No, It'll wreck you
Put on your armour
Put on your armour

Verse 2

Too many days, too many ways
Too many telling you what to do
But you gotta pray
Can't be led astray, follow your own heart, open up your mind
Let the spirit talk... Let the spirit guide
Shining in the dark is a little light
Everything is fine
Can't be taken to the grave
No more wasting time
Take your best shot
Win a little, you may win a lot

What's the plot?
Feel it in your soul
Feel it in your mind
Put away the doubt
Do away with lies

This is your life
Gotta live right, got to give right now
Gravitate to the main thing
That make you shine
Make you smile
Make you laugh
Don't ask how
Just get on your knees and bow down
To the most high king
Where's your crown?
Put it on
Keep your head up and stay down


Came so that you may have life came to protect you
Can't do it all on your own, No, It'll wreck you
Put on your armour
Put on your armour

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