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I remember growing up with this heart and passion and desire to just make music. Music and writing was literally an escape for me. Its like I’d go into another world and when I was there, I was my best self and I was whoever I wanted to be. I had super low self esteem and my life really felt meaningless. So in my free time I’d sing, I’d write, I’d create, I’d dance, I’d do something music related to just let it all go. Long story short, I graduated high school in 2013 and decided to put music down because I felt there was no use for it any more. I was no longer dancing in the marching band or singing on my high school choir with my friends. I thought at that point, I’d spend my life being a dreamer. I settled for what I thought my reality would be. I was a freshmen at my local community college and I had sunken to a place where I felt that my life was useless and aimless. I remember vividly wanting to search for something to fill this empty void in my life. Guys couldn’t fill it, friends couldn’t feel it, and music couldn’t fill it. Life was meaningless and I found myself feeling distant from this God that I never knew. In 2014 I found myself finding hope and freedom in Jesus Christ! And boy its been a journey. It’s funny how when you think it’s over God comes right in and saves the day. That day in march 2014 he literally became MY personal savior. He became MY Lord. MY Father. Jesus Christ has completely turned my life around. I’m now no longer moving through life with this super hopelessness, low self esteem, and aimless pursuit. But I’m now finding myself free in Jesus name and living with intention and PURPOSE! It’s obvious that I’ve picked back up on my musical roots and I’m out heeeere! God has given me a burden to reach the lost and shine His light. I’m also here to encourage others out there who are now walking the narrow path. I got some unpopular opinions attached to some biblical truths and I’m unapologetic.


Tied Souls

Artist Statement

This song was actually written prior to me walking in a season like so. Although I didn’t plan on it happening that way, I definitely now have a more real perspective from this experience. It’s about a couple who’s struggling with lust together and they continue falling (this doesn’t necessarily mean sex) into this pattern and habit and they keep trying to clean it up with with their own hands. But we know that scripture says our righteousness is filthy rags and it isn’t until they truly repent and turn away from their sins and plead the blood of Jesus that they become free from this pattern and habit. Every single one of my songs has come from an authentic and real experience that I’ve been through. And no matter how dark the situations have gotten it always points back to Christ, our redeemer.

How it fits into contest

There are so many ways that this song can fit into the contest. The enemy is prowling like a lion waiting for opportunities to catch us in a trap of sin. But I know that in those weak and vulnerable moments, Christ is my strength. God is the one who I can call and run into those times where I know I need Him most. So even when I am tempted I don’t have to give in to that thing. And although resisting the enemy is often difficult, God will empower through the Holy Spirit to fight back with prayer as my weapon! A related verse to this topic is this:

“Each time he said, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9-10‬ ‭NLT‬


Writer - Rodrika Williams, Lyricist - Rodrika Williams, Producer - Ryan Little, Cast - Kendy Calixte & Melissa Rivers, Videographer - Jonathan Mcmahon, Editor - Jonathan Mcmahon & Kathleen Souza, Makeup Artist - Kendy Calixte

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This song will be available on all platforms in May of 2020

Transcript / Lyrics

it don’t take much to fall in love
It don’t take much to fall in lust
It don’t take much for two people
to fall hard Fall far
But it happened to the both of us
What was we doing
We wasn’t thinking
Hearts weren’t guarded
look now we bleedin
Look now we sinkin
Used to be dreaming
Used to be beaming
Used to be gleaming
We hid it far from the people
Knew it was wrong
But we kept going deeper
Blind lead the blind the blind
We seen with our eyes
Faith would’ve factored if fear was the prime
Feared the one who made us
Feared the one who gave up his whole
Life to save us
Let me spit a little bit
You think its cool to let ya friend get the benefits
Its fun now
But you aint think about the consequence
Its fun now but y’all don’t even
The competence
Tied souls
No goals
Broke phones
Now foes
Lost hope
Whats next you cant go on
Intertwined the ways
Mated people lay
Tainted souls we made what can wash away
The stain of my sins the guilt of blind men
Condemnation screaming in my face
What we did loopin on replay
I can’t repent I can’t turn away
I gotta turn away
I can’t stay stuck in this
If theres blood Washing souls
Put me on the list
Im up next wash clean lord I won’t relent
Wipe me down lord I’m sorry heard you giving
Out grace for this
Heard mercy is the one who on a chase for this
Heard the cross is the only right place for this
I got a case for this
Forgave forget thats ya bet free from debt
The moral of the story aint for us to get the lime light
It aint about the falls we made
It aint about the bad times
If you saw God then you saw right
If you saw God then you saw light
Be free in Christ
Keep up the fight

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