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Artist bio

A passionate 25 year old, poetry and music lover, who has a desire to own a entertainment company. I like to write poems though this is my first time competing. I work as a bell captain for a major hotel in Jamaica. Khalil Dewar age 26, is a music lover and a chef. Angelica Fernandez age 25, is a 1st runner up in the JCDC Miss Hanover parish Festival Queen competition. She enjoys acting, dancing and writing. Natasha Gordon age 22, is singer and model. She enjoys reading, pageants and singing.


Operation Get Dress


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

the video portrays potential recruits for the army trying to train themselves in an effort to become soldiers; it focuses on the hardships of trying to strengthen the physical body as well as the mind. In addition, it encourages discipline and commitment in order to overcome challenges.

How it fits into contest

The video relates to Ephesians 6:10-20 and related verses because Christianity is a constant battle between the things of God and the flesh. the moment an individual accepts Jesus as their savior they are automatically drawn onto that battle field, its only by training( through prayer,fasting and reading the word of god) and discipline( through mediating, Walking in Faith and "slaying" our fleshly desires) that believers will overcome temptations. Throughout the video the new recruits are tempted to stop because of their own physical limitations and also temptations on the way.


Directed By: Thajay Smart
Cast members: Khalil Dewar
Angelica Fernandez
Thajay Smart
Film By: Natasha Gordon
Music By:

Transcript / Lyrics

Operation Get Dress
Many set out on this path with certainty, faith and a great sense of loyalty,
Drifted into an organization with spoken words of freedom, love and camaraderie,
Recruitment slogan “young men we call upon you because you are strong”,
Warriors wanted is the short version,
Enlist and rise in rank from E-1 to E-8,
There are many jobs in this heavenly army to occupy your time.
Hands cannot be feet, teeth and tongue should not meet,
By prayer and fasting your position in God’s heavenly army you should diligently seek.
Discipline is needed and greatly emphasize upon, “we have one God, we are one body and of one mind” we chant as we stand at attention.
The cross is our emblem,
A sign of our heavenly homeland.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickness in high places.
God the father,
Jesus the son,
The Holy Spirit the comforter,
They are three in one,
E-9 of our army,
Sergeant Major,
The ultimate ones.
We are here to serve, we pledge our allegiances;
To fight against the wiles of the devil, to be sober, to be Vigilant, to submit ourselves to God, to resist the devil and cause him to flee, to separate from the affairs of this world and to be the soldiers you call us to be.

For many years this was true to me,
A veteran in God’s army,
But the devil is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may eat,
And without the whole amour of God even soldiers are weak.
They say God is not real,
Life on earth started from fish,
And without any real proof many men believe this.
Theories they say,
Followed by evolution proves this,
Sons of lairs,
Helm by Lucifer’s loose lips.
Without faith it’s impossible to please God,
And a lack of faith has caused many soldiers to fall.
The Devil,
That old Serpent,
Which deceived the whole world has corrupted the minds of both boys and girls.

Put on the helmet of salvation,
And silence the noise of deceitful lips,
Keep eyes straight before thee and ponder the path of your feet,
That on this battle field you will not slip.
He that overcomes world with salvation believe this,
That Jesus is the son of God.
The shield of faith,
Blocks both bullets and arrows,
It’s a defence against depressions and sorrows.
Faith without works is dead,
So stand tall,
Shields up,
And let’s defend our holy bread.
The sword of the spirit,
Which is the word of God,
Cuts down high imagination to the obedience of God like lawn.
The word of God is quick,
Sharp like a two sided sword,
Massacring enemy stronghold like old board.

Put away lying,
And girth thy loins with the belt of truth,
Lying lips are an abomination,
The sergeant major will rebuke,
Therefore as one body let’s speak the truth.
The peace of God,
Is shoes to the feet,
We march in victory,
We know no defeat.
We wear it on our chest like vest,
Let no man jest,
He that doeth righteousness is righteous as he who was the best,
Warriors of God,
Get dress,
That we might war a good warfare before we are laid to rest.

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