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my name is Perlina Murray. I am a Saint Lucian Author and Poet, who is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A lot of my work can be found on Google. I have received many awards for poetry and writing. I am the 2017, Most Outstanding Youth in Literary Arts, Poetry and Writing, at the National Youth Awards in saint Lucia. I love working with young people. I am a down to earth, loving individual who is not afraid of a challenge. My driving force reads, My dreams are bigger than myself and I am not for sale. N/A


Blessed Hope in the Potter's Hands


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I work with young people who suffer form the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol. The battle is real. It is a battle that a lot of our young people face. Working with Mentor USA, and also being the President of the Drug Free club in my community, it is my desire to educate, rehabilitate, and rescue young people from the ill-effects of Drugs and Alcohol. Too many young people die yearly from drugs and alcohol. being there for these young people, letting them see their worth and making them believe in their dreams is my pleasure.

How it fits into contest

This spoken word piece is about a battle many young people Face-Substance abuse. I love to engage in real issues that affect young people and this one is real. I know the struggle with substance abuse among young people is difficult.
My hope is that this video encourages young people to take a stand against drugs and alcohol, and they realize that there is, Blessed Hope in the Potter’s Hand, Jesus Christ himself.
This video responds to Ephesians 6:10-20, by illustrating a battle, showing the testimony of a young person, in a battle of drugs and alcohol, but also goes further to encourage others, reminding them of their worth.


My friend Wendy Noel recorded the video for me and edited it. She does not want her name to appear though.

Transcript / Lyrics

Tears streamed down my dark face.
My heart was broken
Because my life was hurting, and falling apart.
I felt alone and useless.
Please listen carefully to me young people,
As I sound a light on this warfare of our time.
You see, drugs and alcohol are leaches of our society.
They abuse, our young folks who die of use and misuse.
Strong Young people, walk barbaric streets begging, for a dollar.
Their trembling hands cannot even reach to fix their collar.
Toothless 18-year olds brain damaged, some with blacked lungs,
From a high that tells them bye, I will see you in eternity,
Plagues, society, like liar!
Yes! That was my reality.
I listened to the Drug man, who told me to trash my books and be a pusher to become a woman.
I thought it fun, for him to give me a gun,
To send me out in the sun, and drunk rum,
As I did his illegal job;
For money, not worthy of my soul.
The money was good, and life was nice,
But that did not last! It never does.
Young people do not be fooled!
You are more worthy than a million years of a million dollars;
For you were created by the one who creates everything.
Soon, I was no longer needed, and I ended up on the streets.
I had lost all hope. I felt miserable.
The battle raged.
And let me tell you something young people!
I wanted to take, my own, life.
I stand here today because of the hope,
I found in a track, that someone threw, in the streets one night.
That night, I asked god to kill my flesh.
My desire for the bottle, and the needle.
My eyes swelled, one night, as I shouted for joy;
As I listened to the words, which the AA woman, spoke.
And she said from the Book of Life;
You were bought with a price! Therefore glorify God in your body.
Young people! Life has meaning.
Your life is worth, more than drugs and alcohol.
Therefore, Put on the whole amour of God;
That ye may be able to stand, against the viles of the devil.
Yes, your life has meaning.
After twelve weeks of AA, I stood strong;
Because of the Blessed Hope, found in the Potter’s Hand,
Jesus Christ, the Lord.
I was free from drugs and alcohol.
Yes young people, my freedom came,
And yours can come too;
Because, young people, the devil is a liar!
I am a black, intelligent individual.
Civilized, young people, your life has meaning.
Give up on the Devil! Give the Devil a high fall
Young people Put on the whole amour of God;
I say it again because, you are created for greatness.
This is the way we fight against Drugs and Alcohol.
And remember young people;
Your life has meaning!
Your life has purpose!

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