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I’m an innovative Zimbabwean woman, a storyteller and missionary with passion for creative communication and determined to utilize storytelling for the gospel. I am passionate about communicating, information, ideas, mood and feelings, through storytelling. Storytelling is one of my main entry point in peoples lives. I'm inspired by the Holy Spirit to re-tell bible stories in our modern context. I have the prodigal son script ready for production, the sinful woman, the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well and Ruth and Boaz stories on development stage. I made myself a legal entity by the name, Ruebella Productions. I'm three in one and I function very well like that. Ruth Kunguma is my name, Arabella Kay is my stage name and Ruth Wa Boaz is my brand name.





Artist Statement

There are many stories in the bible were people are controlled by evil and struggle to get free from forces of darkness. I have picked one story from the book of Luke 7:36-50. And I am re-telling the sinful woman story in our modern context. The art piece is a depiction of Luke 7:36-50. to The sinful woman realized the forces behind her needed a greater power and she ran to Jesus who was dinning at the house of Simon.

My greatest joy in ministry for me is reaching out to the ladies of the night. I look in the bible to see how Jesus treated this outcast group. I don't judge this outcast group. It might seem like it's their choice but I believe spiritual forces grab the daughters of man and use them.

I am not a visual artist. I looked for a visual artist to help me put my concept on canvas and I paid for the art work. The art piece have been mine since 2018, when I wanted it for a big project.

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There are always forces behind human life, be good or evil, and as long we are under the sun we will face battles. Battles come in different form, size and shape. Going through drugs, fornication, adultery, series of abortions I see all these as battles. We need truth to help us win battles and truth is a person his name is Jesus. We can not fight battles alone and win without Jesus.


I give credit to Shamiso and Rutendo for helping me work on the video.

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I'm a storyteller and I have several scripts in my library waiting for production. I am looking for angel investors, partners or executive producers to help me produce my films. If you are interested please contact me.

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