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My name is Sherrel Charles, I am 22 years of age and a Christian. I am from a small twin-island state in the Caribbean called Antigua and Barbuda. Recently, I finished my BSc. in Ecology with Environmental Science at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus. I love to dance, write, read, and minister in spoken-word. Also, photography and YouTube are my hobbies. I find joy in letting others know about Jesus, although I may sound a tad bit aggressive when I do so through my poetry. However, I've found that this is the best way to express myself and let others know that I am truly passionate about what I write and when I minister. Despite this, I love using it as one of my outlets to spread the gospel and make people laugh.




Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I've always wanted my poetry to reach a large audience. I wanted to minister to an international audience, but fear has been my biggest downfall. There was also a lot of comparison and doubt. Especially, since I had big ideas for this spoken-word video, but it was difficult to execute without the right equipment and being by myself. However, instead of focusing on what I did not have, I prayed a lot and decided to use the little that I did have (my bathroom, cell phone, and editing software) to make a big impact (spreading the message behind my spoken-word). It took me 3 weeks to write, edit, and learn the piece. Also, there was a lot of meditation on the scripture. In the end, I had to film the video two times, but it was worth it.
This fits into my work/hobby because it fulfills my dream of spreading the gospel through poetry and reaching an international audience.

How it fits into contest

When I look at the world today, I cannot think of anything other than a spiritual battle. In my opinion, all that we see happening now is a projection of spiritual warfare, which is ironic because we understand that it is not something that we can see physically, yet here it is.
When I write my spoken-words, I tend to speak about the issue, and my feelings about it, before I get to the solution.
I outlined how broken, sinful and ungrateful humans are, then I moved into talking about what we need to do. We need to understand that despite all that is going on, it is not our battle to fight; it's God's. We can "help" in winning this battle, by doing the right thing. Praying, reading the Bible, being positive, loving one another, and having faith. (Spiritual armor)
That is why we can take comfort, instead of getting angry and blaming God.
The route that we the Christians need to take, is to encourage and preach the gospel so that we can be an example and let those who are unsaved understand who Christ really is.


Writer and Speaker: Sherrel Charles
Non-Copyrighted Music: Music provided by Free Vibes:
Dream Away by Day 7:
Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0)

Transcript / Lyrics

Stabbing and shooting and drowning in pools...
Killing and fighting and cursing in schools?
Fighting and stabbing and hating our brothers...
Performing terrorist attacks on others?
Scorning and laughing; giving lookings of disgust
Gun shot, after gun shot, after gun shot...GUN SHOT!

Look. At. What. You. Have. Done! your problem?

God created...
And out of all of them...

Humans are the ones that give the most problems!
God designed everything to do their part,
But no... humans are the ones who decided that they are going to test God and go against His plan.
We were created to do things of a positive nature
But no...they decide to lend a the rebellious nature
And cause generations after generations to be affected..
That today in society...even the smallest child wants to lie, steal, party and have unclean fun
Disobey, swear, have sex or even hold a gun.

You need to realize...that this life is serious and we're living in the last days.
Not only that but you also need to give God praise.
The same one who gave you life to see another day,
The same one who carried you to where you are today
The same one who sent His life for you and I...

Are so ungrateful.
We forget God when we're successful in both the big and small things.

Someone so big...and suppsoed to be seen in the foreground...
And He's not even seen in the back.
Grounding, grinding, grasping, greeding, ungrateful set of people.
Taking without gratitude
Then your attitude...becomes one of a proud horse.
It gets worse...
I've always wanted to know why people would want to:
Bully another...
Bomb countries...
Kill others...
Have no heart
Have no conscience
Have no remorse!

People of eartg...what!?

You rather be like this than worship God!
You have no sense of feeling for the man who bore our pain
So that we can gain...a clean slate.

Why continue to do these things?
Everyone complains about how this life is hard.
So much war
So much wickedness
When THEY choose to partkae in the chaos
The audactiy to blame God
Hate God
Blaspheme God
Say He's not real!

After all the He did for you ...
Is that's the best you can do?
For a man who was scorged!
Spat on!
Laughed at!

I feel it!

We the Christians...need to protect our minds
Protect our hearts
Protect our souls
So that the mold...
Of the world doesn't begin to grow
Within us as well.

It angers me to see all of this happening and because of the fact that I physically can't do anything to help.
But I also feel relieved that it is not my battle to fight.
And that I can pray to God about solve it.
The Bible declares
That we wrestle not against flesh and blood...
But against principalities and rulers of darkenss.
So all that we see happening now is from the works of the devil
He's plauging the minds of the potential Christians!
But they are too weak!
We need to be strong for them!
We need to encourage them!

Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil days!
Put on the helmet of salvation!
The sword of the spirit!
Your feet shod with the preparation of peace!
The shield of faith!
The breastplate of righteousness!

This is a spiritual battle that is being projected here on to earth, so that everyone can see.
But we...the children of God...can take heart.
Take comfort
Because the art...of this war
Is that...God already won.

God Can end all of this you know...
But He is just waiting.
I can't even begin to wrap my mind around the power and intelligence of God.
He is so GREAT.

Just like an authour writing a book.
We may wonder how the characters are going to get through or get out of the situations that they are in.
But the author has a plan and an ending.
This world is a book.
And we the characters may wonder how we are going to get over the problems that we are faced with.
God is the author of this book,
And He has a plan, so don't drift.

Don't drift away from Him
We need to be ambassadors of Christ,
So that we can preach the gospel to those who are lost.
So that they can find Christ...before it's too late.


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