Artist bio

My name is Monica Harrison. I'm a spoken word artist born in The Lowcountry, SC, now residing in Charlotte NC. I started writing poetry at a young age but began the spoken word ministry around 2014. I've performed on numerous stages on the east coast, committed to sharing Jesus through poetry and storytelling. Spoken Word Artist - Monica Harrison Supporting Cast- Diamond Harrison and Aimee Harrison Producer/Videographer - Antonio Harrison


These Bones


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This performance is special because it involves every member of our family. Even the husband is featured as the preaching voice near the end.

I grew up listening to my grandmother sing a song called, "These Bones 'Gone Rise Again" and while she is no longer on earth, it was installed in me at a young age the power of fighting and resurrection.

How it fits into contest

This piece was written with several verses in mind.

The opening verse is from Joel 3:9 which says "Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the fighting men draw near and attack"

And from Ephesians 6:10-20

The elements of Ephesians were demonstrated with walking and sharing the word to the desolate, praying, declaring, and standing up to fight.

It's a tale of one being fed up with their surroundings enough to go and equip and encourage others to take the armor and fight again.


Spoken Word Artist - Monica Harrison
Supporting Cast- Diamond Harrison and Aimee Harrison
Preaching Snippet - George Harrison
Producer/Videographer - Antonio Harrison

Transcript / Lyrics

They say dry bones reside in this valley
That the heartbeat of wounded generations
Can still be heard in this valley

I'm not sure what started this bloody battle
but I've seen way too much potential be poured out on dry ground
For dry ground to
Be cracked
be dehydrated
Dry ground be abandoned home to dreams that have found no place to rest
Do you hear it

The taunting of the shadows
In this valley
How long will we be afraid of shadows in this valley

But Do you hear that
I know you hear it's crescendo
I hear the sound of revival
Its tempo is steady but grows stronger with every prayer released from the mouths of mothers
And daughter
And sons and fathers
Crying out to the father
Who lords over shadows
In this valley
I hear the rush of holy wind blowing fresh in this direction
Do you feel it

It feel like
It's time to fight again
It's time To stand up to everything that poses a threat against everything that belongs to us

In this valley
We will pick up armor
As a matter of fact
Our armor will have armor
And our weapons will roar echoing like the sound of the lion of the tribe of judah
And when the saints go marching in will no longer be distant hymnal
It will be a reminder of when saints put boots on ground
And took over this valley
Do you hear it

The sound of victory
The crushing of oppressions head under our feet
The moans of principalities' suffering in defeat
He, my king, Jesus
Has never lost a battle
Neither will we
These weapons aren't carnal
Our weapons are not carnal
We will win!

They say that
Dry bones reside in this valley
I say maybe
They should check again

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