Artist bio

I am a Catholic catechist at our Parish Sacred Heart La Brea Trinidad and Tobago. I like using dynamic and creative avenues to reach my young people so after pushing them to Express their faith creatively for the past 5 years I have decided to enter a competition myself to inspire them and other young people in my community.


Spiritual Warfare with God's Armour


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I am grateful for my husband that helped me by recording for this submission he is proof of God's blessing on my marriage.
When I came across this competition via Instagram I was immediately drawn to it because I have written Spoken Words for my youths over the years for church events and competitions. I spent time praying and asking God to direct my words and give me confidence to enter.
When I first tried to print the piece to rehearse my laptop fell and broke. I took this as a sign that the devil wanted me to quit because I kept procrastinating to get it done. This set me back from January to now.
I believe this piece will enlighten others of the many ways the devil can attack us and the value in wearing God's armour

How it fits into contest

It's a clear piece on the importance of being prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for Battle.


Daryl Stewart he video taped the performance

Transcript / Lyrics

Written and performed by Mrs Clarine Stewart
Light had conquered darkness!

As the blue lights glistened in the distance at dusk
I was filled with a sense of euphoria
I was convinced that not only those men in blue....... but I too
Could defeat them
The feet them... running towards me
But was I prepared...was I ready.....was I equipped?
Maybe if I stared....  stood steady.....stuck to the script
Script....ture that is
No not an axe and a 3:16
but the bible verse to reassure me
That I was filled with strength and faith

I wasn't ready for any battle
And I sure wasn't ready to step back and settle
I wasn't ready to retreat, rather I wanted to
Re- treat the situation
So yes I stepped back
I looked , I evaluated, I assessed, I discerned
And after all that I learned

The Conflict wasn't against human hostilities
It was a warfare against principalities
In the bible we had to delve
I went to ephesians 6:12
our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
but against the rulers, the evil doers,
against the authorities, the demonic deities
against the powers of this dark world and all that they hold
and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms
That for Christians.....overwhelms

I had to be poised, I had to be armed
To hell I would never be damned
No soldier enters battle without his armour
And as a child of God I had to be strong in his mighty power.

I couldn't be trapped in the devil's scheme
And I couldn't become a member of his evil team
I had to work on my term
I had to for all intent, stand firm
I had to put on my suit
I needed that belt of truth
I couldn't be caught in foolishness
I had to find my breastplate of righteousness
I wasnt about to lose
Peace replaced my Armani shoes
And if he felt he could jump my gate
My security was my shield of faith
No temptation or even concussion
Could bring to my thought any confusion
I was wearing my helmet of salvation
I was always taught that
If you Live by the sword, you will die by the sword
Something I always tried to avoid
But this time I couldn't afford
To abandon my Lord
So I took it up
If evil had to be struck
I would be the one to do it
With my sword of the Spirit
Here you wouldn't find someone ready to quit
I was furnished with my spiritual outfit
My heart filled with prayer and my bible that I took everywhere
My alarm was set to alert
God's people wouldn't be hurt
I felt I had vast girth
Not in physical worth
But my spiritual growth

As the incadescent light faded from my sight
A newly illuminated bulb shone bright
One filled with might as I am moved with that fight or flight
That inward adrenaline
Because I was about to WIN!

Copyright ClarineStewart

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