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Laura Mueller is a graphic designer, photographer and poet/writer. She has been writing poetry since a young age and is working on some books currently. She aims to bring glory to God with her life, work and writing.


For His Glory


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I am new to spoken word performance, but this is how the Lord wanted me to present it: Simply, and all about the inflection and intonation of the words, the timing and the intensity.

How it fits into contest

“For His Glory”,
a previously untitled poem, was written on 11/22/2015 through the partnership of the Holy Spirit.
It was written after a FREEDOM conference, where I was set free of lies and demonic oppression and was able to hear God in my Spirit much more clearly past the static that had been blocking it in the past.

It is a call to action the Body of Christ, to RISE UP in the Fullness of the FREEDOM paid for by Jesus Christ to live it, embody it, and walk it out and to use it to set others FREE with the same things we had been given authority over, having been set FREE of them ourselves.

While the poem references to several scriptures,
I feel like God asked me to submit it to this contest under the context of Ephesians 6:10-20 because it is imperative for this time to walk in this Armor that He has provided us TO SET OTHERS FREE AND TO ROLL BACK THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.

We cannot do anything mentioned in this poem if we are not living in our Authority and the Armor that Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave to get us to walk in.

He paid a High Price to give us this armor and said we would live in fullness and do greater works than He did. We were the JOY set before Him that helped Him to endure the pain of the cross. Our FREEDOM is important to Him, He gave His life up for it, He intercedes for it constantly.

It is my prayer that He would use this poem to draw us to Himself, heal us in any areas we are believing lies over truth and help us to live and walk daily in that Helmet of Salvation and Belt us with His Truth...cover us with His Righteousness, that He has given to us to give us right-standing with the Father, to protect us in vital places…that we would Have peace on our Feet to stand in what He has spoken and take ground over what the enemy tries to do, moving forward in Faith through the spikes on the shoes like the Roman soldier had and that we would stand Firm in Him anchored in Faith and know that He covers us like a shield of Faith as we actively rest in Him and walk in what He says over our circumstances. That we would take up that Sword of His Word to speak over the lies and accusations of the enemy and pray and draw near to God at all times. And through this, Freedom process, He paid for, that we activate with Him, I pray that we would feel the urgency to be a beacon of Hope to others that need that same Freedom that He has given to us. And that we would run our race, with endurance and, in the urgency of this moment, lay aside everything that would hinder us from being that light and Freedom in His name to others.

It was a PROCESS for me to walk in this Freedom; it can’t be done in striving to earn what we have been given by His sacrifice. We have to know Him intimately as our Father and Brother and Friend and allow Him to do the work in us through Holy Spirit. We have to let Him Love us deep down, but once we do receive it, it is also not for us to hold onto, but to help set others Free, For His Glory.


Laura Mueller, writer/performer (filmed on a laptop by myself)

Transcript / Lyrics

There’s light that radiates from within, now
It exudes beyond temporary moments & feelings.
It hearkens & reminds off something eternal;
an Awakening deep within. (to Truth)

Passion & Purpose drawn from a deep endless well of life-spring.
He bought Freedom at a high cost,
too high a cost to go back
or to settle for anything less
than this passionate fire of longing
ignited & set deep within our souls.

Let the Joy of the Lord be our eternal strength.
Let us burn inside with a deep acceptance
of who God says we are,

So deeply ingrained in us, His love & wholeness,
that we can do nothing but see His heart
& with His vision,
truly remove all filters & hinderances
that would hold us back
from running-full-force
the race set before us that He would
have us individually run.

Eyes-fixed on Jesus
& Faith to Trust & Obey,
out of sheer Joy & Love,
every word He speaks

Standing Firm, as Warriors,
trained for battle & built up with spiritual armor
& time soaked in the Living Word.
Preparing us to tear down strongholds,
interrogate the enemy
& subject his lies & spirits to the feet of
Our Good Judge & Advocate,
Jesus Christ.

Let us not forget, that,
while we have been freed & set apart,
it is not merely for us…
We are not playing Christian living…
but digging deep,
rooting out untruths,
tilling soil,
planting seeds,
watering them,
pressing in in good times & hard;
Joys & sorrows.

Coming alongside others
to build up & encourage them
– Speaking out Truth in Love
& setting others Free.

It is for Freedom,
that Christ has set us Free!

Freedom for us, yes, but not alone…
Freedom for His Glory, & not to hold onto it,
but to walk in it;
daily laying our mind, will, & emotions down
And _choosing_ to walk in the Unfettered
Joy & Love & Peace
that comes from knowing Christ intimately
& having His Eternal-Focused Perspective.

( spontaneous after words )
May it be so, in us, in our lives.
He deserves it.

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