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My name is Siris Santiago. I am from PR but at this moment I live in Honduras as a missionary. I have been here for 7 years where me and my family began a church and social projects. One thing that I have used here is the worship and dance for Jesus. It is have been a wonderful journey.


Is in His Presence



Artist Statement

All spiritual battles are manifested in our daily lives. The bible says that our battles are not with flesh or blood. Divorce, diseases and crisis are part of our live. Jesus said that we will have difficulties. But the enemy takes advanyage of our minds and our problems to take away our faith in God. The only way to pass our spiritual battles is fight for our lives in continuos prayer, worship and reading the bible. God give us all the things to overcome our battles. Resist the enemy. Resist tentation. ¡Resist in Jesus name! He is our victory.

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All our battles needs us to surrender them to God. We win our spiritual battle when we get closer to heavens kingdom


Director & Preoducer- Siris Santiago Collaborator 1 - Pedro Montañez Collaborator 2- Ezequiel Montañez Audio - Siris Santiago

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Exercise and worship with woman. Workshops of dancing in the mission field.

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