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Hi! my name is Symphoni Sobers. I enjoy music specifically to glorify God in its purest form. I also enjoy climbing trees, baking, and I also tutor math and piano. Lovell Small, a freelance graphic designer who enjoys skateboarding, drawing, studying the bible, and is engaged to Symphoni Sobers. Sonia Tyrell, a single mother with three daughters, loves the Lord and is working on being a medical missionary. Angela Sobers, single mother of two, mother of Symphoni Sobers. She is a teacher, singer, and is learning to love the Lord more each day.


Always Onguard


Digital Art

Artist Statement

It is very important to spend time in God's word before starting the day, it is the most simple and wonderful warlike plan to get me ready to take on the day. Often times when struck down by the negative words of others, or their behavior towards God's word if off guard without my armor I fall for the enemy's trap in the physical and spiritual realm. By praying, and opening that bible first thing in the morning, and even planning time for it throughout the day, my actions and words become more gentle and my emotions are kept in check under heated hurtful interactions with others. A reminder that my armor is on throughout the day in the spiritual realm, on guard ready in defense of the incoming darts of anger, frustration, and temptation jumping from rock to rock.

How it fits into contest

These digital art drawings fit into the topic of the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 and 2 Timothy 2:3 because the greatest battle is unseen. We are constantly being attacked by satan so we won't be soldiers of Jesus Christ. Satan comes disguised as a prince of light, he is ready to steal, kill, and destroy. The word of God is what prepares us to face the overwhelming darts the enemy throws at us, and in knowing the word we are putting on God's armor. The more we know, the better we are prepared to always be on guard with the world around us.


Thanks to Sonia Tyrell and Angela Sobers who helped with the composition of the characters and objects in this artwork and Symphoni Sobers for the idea and final critic. Art was done by yours truly Lovell Small.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original work, it was first sketched on paper, scanned, and digitized using illustrator and photoshop. Our original digital art designs are priced $50 an hour. This digital art took 10 hours is $500.

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Logo Designs, and Online Piano tutoring

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