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Caro Dranow is an emerging painter based in New England. A recent graduate of Bowdoin College, her work explores emotional impressions of Maine’s wilderness and coast. By abstractly painting Maine with color and line, she attempts to capture the larger whimsy and awe of the land. By challenging traditional conventions of landscape painting, Caro views her work as innovative and intimate interpretations of the space that inspires her. She loves to paint because of the spiritual and cathartic experience and enjoys connecting with other artists. Caro has shown at the Greenpoint Gallery in New York City and has upcoming shows this Spring in and around New England. In addition to her gallery representation, she has been an honored recipient of the Robert and Blythe Grant for the Arts in Maine as well as the Ginestrelle Art Residency in Assisi, Italy. In addition to her emerging professional practice as an artist, Caro is an ardent teacher running community workshops for children and adults alike in Brunswick, Maine. Caro aspires to attend grad school and obtain her MFA in order to teach at a university and spread her passion for art. N/A


A Modern Madonna



Artist Statement

My work explores feminine strength and beauty through portraiture. In an attempt to celebrate the empowered and resilient women in my life, I depict them as inherently one with their colorful environments. Through sinewy lines emerging from distinct color fields, the women claim their spirituality and internal power. In this series I aim to create strong female figures that derive their power from their environments and in relation to each other. Modeled off of the women I am proud to call my closest friends, their forms are suffused with the feelings of love and community I feel when with them.

How it fits into contest

This work relates to the Spiritual Battle found in Ephesians 6:10-20 because of the way the verse deals with the matter of protection. The conflict described in Ephesians 6: 10-20, is both within the self and society. We therefore must engage with this scripture on both levels to understand it. I process much of my spiritual questions within my painting. In creating this psychological view of motherhood in "A modern Madonna" I hope to address the way I reconcile with a personal spiritual battle. Specifically, when the verse refers to "the Armour of God", I interpret that sort of protection as the bond between mother and child and the strength of a mother's love. The fearlessness that comes with the truth and righteousness of love like that would be able to give strength against of the devil's schemes.


I would like to thank my dear friend Claudia, who modeled for this project for me with her blessed child.

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Original work $3,600. If interested in purchasing one can contact me at or I can also be found through my website

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I do direct commissions, public art commissions, workshops for children and teens, virtual painting lessons, and oil painting workshops

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