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My name is Darren Walcott, I am from the twin Isle of the beautiful trinidad and Tobago. Not much people know about us, but for who does, we are known for our carnival celebrations. Trinidad is much more than just a place to " have a good time" there are many unapologetic Christ filed believers and churches that is dedicated to changing not only Trinidad but the world. But where evil is grace much more abounds; the crime rate here is rising and as a artist, many of my pieces are inspired by the change that can be made if a kernel of wheat falls to ground and die. .


Travail and innate



Artist Statement

Piece one is inspired by ephesians 6:18 ,to pray in the spirit all times and be alert as believers for believers everywhere,at every part of the world during crisis,good times not so good times ,the colours is the world we see and world we cannot see. But as we put on the full armor of God we can withstand the devil, through the power of his spoken word !
Piece two is based on verse 19 where Paul asked God for the right words to boldly explain his mysterious plan of who the good news is for . The bursting of the figures head is beautiful mysteries running over ,it is innate to the spirit but foolishness to the ungodly .


All thanks God who gives us the ability to obtain talents, talents and abilities that will bring us before of status to show him through our natural giftings.

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Original work . Price US $150 . Contact me at my IG chekay_theartist .

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Art classes, digital tutorials.

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