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My name is Shanikah Andrews, I am a 27 years old Architectural Designer and Artist from the Bronx, NY. I have been creating my entire life, my love for art started when I was 6 with fashion drawings and has developed to now creating Architectural sculptures, Designing buildings and Painting. I love art; it is apart of my life story, my narrative, my personality.


Book of Skin


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This Digital photographic paint rendition was created by Photoshop and with my iPhone camera. The back male photo is a physical photo of my husband. I added layers in Photoshop and drew the backdrop to align with the metallic of armor.

How it fits into contest

I am a artist that noticeably focuses on the African Diaspora, on Black woman and Black men. I focus on this because I am black, it is my culture, it is my way of life. Art is beauty and I believe black people are beautiful no matter how low many other people may think of us. This piece is entitle "Book of Skin" wear as a man a Black man wears his own skin as his armor. I as a woman cannot fathom the thought to lose my firstborn son to racism. I am cannot fathom losing my husband to racism. I can't fathom losing my own life to racism. I didn't choose the skin I was born in. Neither did my son, he was given it by God and only God can judge him, only God can he serve. So when someone read his "Book of Skin" and judges his character before he tells his story. I pray he looks at Ephesians 6: 10-20


Myself (Shanikah Andrews) I spent months thinking on a visual, a day capturing the right shot and weeks editing and shifting/changing the layout of this visual/

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Commission work is available by request, Sculptures, Art (Watercolor or Acrylic), Digital Designs. Children or Adult art lessons or events are available upon request.

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