Erik Cheung

Artist bio

Erik started his art exploration some 40 years ago. He graduated with a BFA at the University of Victoria under Canadian artists Pat Martin Bates. He worked as the art panel of a high school in Hong Kong for 15 years. In the last decade, he developed a unique way of image generation and produced one of a kind paintings based on calligraphic, Asemic lines. virtual exhibition of my works





Artist Statement

My study revisits a noteworthy approach in art and is bringing new light to the subject.
I believe when a line moves in speed, the conscious mind releases the control of the subconscious. Imagery embedded is found and my drawings so far have proven it possible. From the scribble lines of the Surrealist Andre Breton and the dribble lines of Jackson Pollock, the subject of ‘drawing from the psyche’ has been left untouched.
I am pushing this discovery further into highlighting signature-like flourish lines and explore their significant role in the study. My compositions are found from a page of scribble lines..without alterations.

How it fits into contest

Faith is depicted in the eyes of the character facing the times of troubles.


I am the only one involved in the study.

How to Purchase this Artwork

This is an original painting selling at $7000. The price tag is based on the years of development and experience behind this unique way of image generation and execution.

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Commission for future paintings. All previous works leading to this painting are for sale, please check out my web site for older works.

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