Artist bio

Sabrina is from Canada. Her works often appear in such diverse publications as Open Minds Quarterly ,Unlimited Literary Magazine, Beyond Words Literacy Magazine, Cloud Lake Literary, Into the Void, Umbrella Arts and Transitions Magazine. Her artworks emerge at the juncture of art and music resulting in abstract works that express emotion through colour, markings, and bold textures. Sabrina uses music to influence her artwork and cope with mental health challenges. Mental health challenges are the thorn in her side, but where there is weakness, God gives strength.




Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I have struggled with mental illness for the past 25 years. This artwork represents my mind. This is a shield made out of 12 inch aluminum. It is painted in various colours to represent different moods. The wire birds represent thoughts. This artwork is has spectral gel in it so that when it hits the light it glistens.

How it fits into contest

My artwork addresses Ephesians 6:10-20 as it is a shield of faith. This represents my mind and the wire bird respresent thoughts both positive and negative that fly around in my mind. The shield does has some cracks (crackle paint) in it but stays in tact.

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