Eufemio Dayo

Artist bio

I am a farmer in the Philippines. I'm also a christian and an artist. I learned to draw as a child by copying and tracing characters from comics magazines. Due to my many limitations in the farm, I only got used to using pencil and ballpen in my arts when I got married I became very busy in farming, but i could still draw when i helped my wife make visual aids for her classes in public schools and on sunday schools. Now our children our grown up, they encouraged me to try my hand at oil painting. I began learning how to used it through the internet and have greatly enjoyed it. So far, i have only painted portraits of my kids and this paintings that i submitted to the Engage Art. I hope everyone appreciates it as much as we do.


Be Strong And Help Others



Artist Statement

This scripture passage instructs us christians two actions to take.
The first, which we are all familiar with, is to be strong and gird
ourselves with God's armor so that we can stand firm in the faced of the battle. The second, is to pray for others, as mentioned by the apostle Paul in verses 18-20. Where, infact, if pleaded for prayers for himself in the last two verses. Though he used the phrase" pray for God's people", it suggests a broader sense of concern for our fellow christians. It implies that one should help others, as instructed immediately after the instruction to gird oneself with the God's armor. It suggests that being girded with God's armor and having invincibility is not solely for one's own benefit. Whether the victory brings spiritual or material gain, it should not be taken only for self fortification and survival. Instead, it should be seized as the best and most appropriate opportunity to concern and help others.

How it fits into contest

My brother became very ill last January, so we took him to the hospital. We were worried because we didn't have much money. But it wasn't long before we began to receive calls from our relatives, friends and churchmates. Our pastor was one of the first people to call and he prayed for my brother and family even over the phone. When you are in desperate need, it's comforting to know that everyone around you is eager to help in any way they can. My submitted entry is inspired by this incident there is a sick man present, as well as a woman in need of comfort. All around them are christians from various background who are eager to help. It's encouraging to see a christian helping someone, but it's even more encouraging to see christians bonding together
to help those in need. Their assistance serves as a conduit for God's help and their presence and prayers serve as a shield to protect the vulnerable and needy.


Jijam Dayo

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