Artist bio

I'm a brazilian architecture student who just really loves to draw 🙂


Beyond other humans


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This drawing portrays a child stealing fruits from a farmers market. The lady who sells them sees it but instead of getting angry, she offers him some more. She does this because she sees what's behind the act of stealing itself. She sees a needy child, and understands that there are so many things that led him to steal that she simply can't consider him the problem. She is generous, and fights injustice by being compassionate in a very mundane occasion

How it fits into contest

When we fight the spiritual battle, we are invited to see beyond the reality our eyes can see. There is a spiritual dimension that influences us, and that's where the battle happens. Scripture says that "our struggle is not against flesh and blood". Our enemies are not other humans, but the evil that makes them do bad things. Seeing that enables us to truly love and cherish other humans, while fighting against the spiritual forces that causes them pain. But these forces aren't abstract concepts that we fight against in our minds, instead, they are very close to our daily life, affecting what we see in a simple farmers market. It's greed, selfishness and pride that causes social injustice, which in turn causes a boy to steal. We are called to shine in the darkness, and wear all the armor of God to fight this invisible battle.

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