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Artist bio

My name is Debra Whelan. I have been on my Christian walk since 2011 and I’m overjoyed and grateful to have been given the gift of creativity since early childhood. Having had the opportunity to explore various media throughout my life as an artist, in 2018, I discovered Photoshop software, used as a process by which I hand-paint. As I gained proficiency, I learned just how powerful this application is. What I enjoy most is the partnership experience I get to share with God and that I have the ability to glorify Him through my artwork.


But the Sovereign King Reigns


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Globally, our planet is undergoing a spiritual battle against evil demonic forces, where our God-given human rights are literally under spiritual and physical attack. The exploitation of people throughout the world has become wide-spread, whereby the enemy is seeking to devour us as a society. Totalitarian governments are silencing and abusing innocent people, creating hate and division, while our precious freedoms are being usurped everywhere we look. Satanic forces are seducing many into a web of deceit through the use of propaganda methods, thereby drawing humanity away from God and into darkness.

In creating this painting, I thought about all of the unrighteousness that is manifesting around the world and the emotional impact it has had on me as a Christian in a fallen world. Although it hurts my heart for my fellow man, essentially, my trust and faith in Jesus Christ, the King has only grown stronger as I am continually reassured that He is in sovereign and complete control, no matter what happens.

How it fits into contest

As Christians, we are fully equipped for ongoing spiritual warfare and can overcome the enemy by relying on the Almighty power of God. As we become spiritually aligned with Him through reading the Word and engaging in prayer, we become empowered and strengthened in our daily walk. Our strength comes from recognizing our own weaknesses, yet being able to completely place our trust in the Lord for everything we need in life. On our own volition and apart from Him, we have the ability to do nothing.

The chess game, as depicted in my painting symbolizes the ongoing battle between good and evil that has occurred throughout time. Political leaders make decisions that directly result in the adverse social justice issues, humanity is currently facing. Despite these situations, those who love and trust God, essentially know that we stand strong against the enemy and have nothing to fear. The Lion of Judah, our King roars loudly to proclaim that He is all powerful, sovereign and in ultimate control against anything we are up against.

How to Purchase this Artwork

To purchase the artwork, you may do so via my artist website:, where you can order directly through PayPal. Two sizes are available.

Cost is $550 for a 16" x 24" archival thin gallery wrap Giclee canvas" print on wooden stretchers". Can be hung either unframed or purchase framing of your choice upon arrival.

Cost is $225 for an 8" x 12" unmounted archival Giclee canvas print. Arrives unframed.

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Anyone who may be interested in a custom piece of commissioned artwork or my gallery of prints, please visit my website at, where you can contact me to discuss your needs or purchase directly from my online gallery through PayPal. I can also be reached by email at

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