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Tavernelle is a fine artist expressing a uniquely different style


Dreams Come True



Artist Statement

I used to think that I needed extrinsic motivation to be creative. However, the moment I stopped looking outward and focused inward, I awakened my divine desire. I ceased the perpetual search for a worldly muse. All the inspiration I needed was within me.
Inspiration appeared in my dreams and as interludes in my mind. I made a promise to tell my truth. In my uniquely different style, I bring my thoughts to life. I realise my vision of complementary callings with energy borne of purpose, persistence and progress.
For I see, there is the light overcoming the darkness. The light arises over time and space. I traverse these changes in layers of crisscrossed brushstrokes in vivid colour and bold contrast. This creative journey unfolds in my thoughts, by my actions and on my canvases.

How it fits into contest

For me, my dreams are integral to my creative process. Usually, my dreams provide my divine inspiration. But on the morning of March 6, 2021, I dreamt of a spirit in a nebulous form trying to attach itself to my body. It was changing shape as I fought to get it off of me. I finally got the strength to pry it off my back. I removed it from the rest of my body. I began compressing it with my hands. As I said various scriptures, it got smaller until it completely disappeared from the palms of my hands. I felt free at last. This painting is a very surreal experience. For when I awoke, I remembered the scripture ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers...’ It made me realise that the Word made my dreams come true in victory.

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