Roni Nurak

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Hello everyone, I am an illustrator and freelancer for several children's story books.


Ephesians 6:10-20


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My name is Roni Yulianus, I am from Indonesia and would like to take part in this contest. First I thank the Lord Jesus who always takes care of me at any time, anywhere under any circumstances He always supports me. so I can share my talents in this contest. In this illustration for Ephesians 6:10-20 I try to present the character of a person today who continues to struggle to defend himself from the illusions and powers of a world full of darkness that wants to overthrow him, a character who is able to face the powers of darkness which of course has been fully supported by protection. because the Word of God lives in it. the sword he wielded was the sword of the spirit and the shield of the cross became an immovable defense. and the old serpent who was gripping the earth and ruling it kept on trying to overthrow it with illusions and persecution symbolized by the black sword billowing black smoke. With this illustration I want to invite all to believe in the Lord Jesus and start living in Spirit and truth.

Thank you

Roni Yulianus

How it fits into contest

We all experience spiritual struggles or battles, we are hurt and sometimes helpless because we have no defense. Christians today sometimes only have our status we become weak when we are faced with the realities of life, then we realize that we are carried away by this world by the hardships it causes, we forget that we need to fight against the forces of darkness that rule this world who are trying to dominate our. it is important for us to believe and trying to live in the Spirit and the Truth of God's Word.

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