Artist bio

Hello, I started my art journey with painting about ten years ago and, now, it is as much a part of my life and my soul. Photographs in my life are always present. My strong believe is that is beauty in everything. In my paintings I bring elements of classic impressionism together with modern expressionism, and a dash of abstract and contemporary. I try to bring a fresh new look, my aim is to create a sense of harmony and to achieve a pleasant, eye catching piece of artwork for the viewer. My art is constantly evolving and I continue to find inspiration from colors, textures, emotions. I feel working with different mediums bring in a freedom to express better. I also like to experiment different techniques, and painting materials; my friends call me the experimentalist! But I think the artist is all his life an experimentalist! I love oils strong colors,acrilics colors, textures and lines, as well watercolors fluidity, or shining of glass colors or resins pigments. My subjects are as varied as my interests, they always show my love of life. Landscapes, florals, figure pieces,details of life all of them contain my emotions, happiness, excitement, joy, but the process is my passion.





Artist Statement

In my work, it is about escaping from the destroyed city.The inspiration came to me recently, since I saw pictures from Ukraine and what is happening there.I imagined myself there in a destroyed city and how I could escape from there.Although my character was also hit by weapons, he found the strength to be able to fly to the sky, to escape, to get rid of all the evil caused.

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The war!

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