William Stebe

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I have recently retired from diagnostic work after 29 years in the hospital. With a renewed sense of purpose, I am pursuing a career in the visual arts with the goal of supporting my family by producing beautiful art. I paint now with the passion of life given to me for the edification of the saints.


Fire and Ice


Digital Art

Artist Statement

My painting is not a direct allegory of Ephesians 6:10-20 but rather the direct result of walking, or more specifically painting as worship. I have been painting for decades. There are moments when working takes on another dimension in which if were possible I would let go of my brush altogether. This is one of these cases. The cross, which is central to this painting, just happened and even more importantly the painting is a success. Meaning, it is not some sappy cliche. It's a cross in the middle of a landscape. Christian art for the most part needs to come from a confidence created by God and rooted in verses like Ephesians 6:10-20 and others. While walking on thin ice is not walking on water, this painting does follow through with the general theme of putting on the whole armor of God with promised results.

How it fits into contest

Worship is the basic need of all humanity. Art is a validation of this experience, a witness to the never ending relationship saints have in the real world we all live in.


I'd like to thank my wife Sonja for her support and constant encouragement towards God's plans for us.

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I have paintings available for purchase. I am also available for conversation and art education via my website.

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