Artist bio

Graduated in Fine Arts in Kuala Lumpur Collage of Art, Malaysia, I have been in the art industry for more than 30 years and have collaborated with different artists from local and across South East Asia. Moreover, I am also the chairperson of the 3rd BlessAsia Biennial Exhibition of Christian Visual Art. I love artistic creation and is currently a painter of portraits and revelatory paintings. Together with my husband, we have raised 5 children. At the same time, we are the coaching couple of 'International 2=1 Marriage Ministry', and also the zone leaders of our church. The biggest inspiration for my art is the Lord Jesus Christ.


You Honor Me



Artist Statement

We are honored because we have been chosen by God; He is in charge of our lives, and we have the Holy Spirit to anoint and guide us. God will deliver and honor us.
We are connected to God by the Spirit, who works the life and power of Christ in us and makes the life of Christ active in us. To know him more by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and to be able to desire his will to be done for us in everything; To live in Him, to enjoy all his riches, and to be able to face the difficulties and challenges of one

How it fits into contest

Yes, every day, we are weak, and if it were not for hiding in God, knowing him, understanding Him, and with the help of his Holy Spirit, it would be very difficult for us to win. So in God, we can be strong and courageous to face every challenge in our lives, to become honorable vessels of God and to glorify his name.


I want thank you to my family and church members.

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Cost is USD 1,500. Contact the artist for details.

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