Fugu gugu

Artist bio

I am a digital artist since I was a child and now I wanted to show it off to people. Most of my arts are from pictures I saw in internet and digitally paint them using different types of art such as cubism, impressionism, realism, and more.


Gestion Du Temps


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The Gestion Du Temps was created digitally, translate as time management and art were full of clocks because I believe that in a span of human life, it is full of clocks and those clocks are our own made time management, whether this clock is for nonsense duties in life, this is still time management which built-in day of a person.

How it fits into contest

Simply walk your time with God. My artwork was made last year where the pandemic starts and its created because of my realization. Many clocks of time are wasted and gone, but sometimes having a wasted and gone is what everybody needed for a while in a stressful situation. The clock already has its supports to build like a clock, all we have to do was to move the clock's hand, whether you play with it, be serious with it, or just simply make your time flies since at the end of the day, God our battery and the one who completes the armor of the clock itself.


Credits to all people who thrive to survive during this pandemic.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Cost: € 1.000
Payment: PayPal
Note: The shipping may take 2 weeks to 1 month. For more information please message me before buying Gestion Du Temps.

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